Software Developer Job Offer. 

We are a Fintech that expect no less than full commitment and excellence, but at the same time we are like a big family with very strong ties between its members. We always want to make sure that every day at work is a day full of joy, because our work concept is different from the most - we believe that working in a great environment is essential for the person happiness. 
Nevertheless, we are the best the world as to offer in terms of IT banking services, ranging from Business Analysis, Software Development, Operations Support 24x7, Testing and so on. 
In order to make our organization even stronger, we are looking to increase our team with the immediate incorporation of software developers. 

What we are looking for: 
-    Experience in Java SE and EE, Spring, Hibernate, Maven. 
-    Knowledge of web architectures and services. 
-    Total and immediate availability, to start working in the Porto or Monção office and availability to travel outside Portugal. 
-    Preferably with college degree. 
-    Experience in banking or in other sectors will be a plus. 
-    Fluency in English, team work ability and short-term travel availability are mandatory. 
- Java Knowledge and/or Angular JS Framework (preferably with some experience) for London 

We offer: 
-    The certainty of working in one of the most competitive environments worldwide, with obvious career benefits. 
-    Training in the company's headquarters (Porto). 
-    Remuneration according to professional experience. 
-    Elevated autonomy and responsibility. 
-    Other Benefits already in force in the company. 
-    Duration of 6 to 12 months with integration perspective depending on the evolution of skills and competence throughout this period and its adaptation to the team in which it is involved and the structure of the company. 
Interested parties should submit the CV as soon as possible to [email protected] with reference DEVELOPER; 
Apresentação da Empresa: Impactzero, Software Unipessoal, Lda

A Impactzero Software Lda foi fundada no ano de 2009 e está atualmente sediada em Monção, concelho de Viana do Castelo. 
Somos uma empresa de consultoria de TI que caminha para a otimização, planeamento, engenharia e implementação de projetos e serviços de sucesso, maioritariamente dedicada ao desenvolvimento e suporte de software bancário com diversos projeto internacionais. 
A Impactzero tem equipas de colaboradores em diversos países da Europa, entre eles destacam-se França, Holanda, Itália, Polónia e Reino Unido. 
Uma organização inovadora que trabalha com software e empresas internacionalmente reconhecidas na área da banca.

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